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Teaching to Blend Onset and Rime Short /ŭ/CVC Words | Lesson Plan

Welcome to TeachTastic Publishing, where we strive to provide valuable teaching resources for educators and parents alike. In today's blog, we are excited to introduce our new product: the "Blend Onset and Rime - Short /ŭ/ CVC Worksheet Set." Designed to enhance phonics and spelling skills in young learners, this three-worksheet set offers a variety of opportunities for students to master blending short /ŭ/ CVC words.

Product Description:

Our "Blend Onset and Rime - Short /ŭ/ CVC Worksheet Set" comprises three distinct worksheets, each serving a unique purpose in your teaching journey. The first worksheet is intended for guided practice, the second for independent or peer-group practice, and the third for homework, intervention, or additional practice. These worksheets focus on short /ŭ/ CVC words, including those ending in 'ug,' 'um,' 'un,' 'up,' and 'ut.'

Guided Practice:

In the guided practice activity, teachers walk students through the process of blending sounds to form words. You can display examples and engage students in discussions to incorporate their previous knowledge. This step ensures that students understand the foundational concepts before proceeding to independent practice.

Independent or Group Practice:

The second worksheet is designed for students to practice and demonstrate their learning independently or in small groups. Peer pairing can be a helpful scaffold for struggling learners, allowing them to support each other as they work through the exercises.

Homework or Additional Practice:

The third worksheet serves as valuable homework or additional practice material. It can be assigned for further refinement of skills and may also be used as an intervention if needed. Repetition and reinforcement are key to solidifying learning.

Short u CVC blending onset and rime lesson plan

Grade Levels:

This resource is suitable for Kindergarten, First Grade, and homeschool settings, making it versatile for various learning environments.


The "Blend Onset and Rime - Short /ŭ/ CVC Worksheet Set" aligns with subjects such as reading, writing, and spelling, promoting a well-rounded approach to language development.

Resource Type:

Our worksheets are available in PDF digital download format, making them easily accessible for both teachers and parents.

Learning Objective for Students:

By the end of this lesson, students will be able to blend onset and rime sounds to recognize and read short /ŭ/ CVC words accurately.

Lesson Plan:

Objective: To teach students how to blend onset and rime sounds to read short /ŭ/ CVC words.

Introduction (5 minutes):

  • Begin by discussing the concept of blending sounds to form words.

  • Show examples of short /ŭ/ CVC words, such as "t-ub," and explain that we will learn how to blend these sounds together to read words.

Guided Practice (10 minutes):

  • Present short /ŭ/ CVC words and sound them out, emphasizing the blending process.

  • Engage students in guided practice by asking them to blend the sounds in words like "t-ub" and "r-un."

Independent or Group Practice (15 minutes):

  • Distribute the second worksheet to students.

  • Have students work independently or in pairs to complete the exercises, blending onset and rime sounds to read and circle the correct word from the pictures provided.

  • Circulate among students to provide support and guidance as needed.

Homework or Additional Practice (10 minutes):

  • Explain that the third worksheet can be used for homework or additional practice.

  • Encourage students to take it home to reinforce what they've learned.

Closing (5 minutes):

  • Review the key points of the lesson, emphasizing the importance of blending sounds to read words.

  • Assign the third worksheet as homework if not done in class.

Learning Standards:

This lesson aligns with the following learning standards:

  • RF.K.1.b: Recognize that spoken words are represented in written language by specific sequences of letters.


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