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How to Advocate for Your Child's Needs in the IEP Process

If you have a child who is in school, and you think they may need accommodations or modifications to their IEP, it's important to understand how to get them.

5 Steps to getting classroom accommodations or modifications

1. Talk to your child's teacher. The best way to find out if your child needs accommodations or modifications is to talk to their teacher. They will be able to tell you what your child is struggling with, and may already have some ideas about what could help.

2. Request an IEP meeting. Once you've talked to your child's teacher, you'll need to request an IEP meeting. This can be done by writing a letter or filling out a form from your school district.

3. Bring a note from your child's doctor. If your child has a medical condition that is affecting their ability to do school work, bring a letter from their doctor. The letter should state what accommodations and modifications will help them achieve their goals.

4. Request a meeting with a special education teacher or department at the school district. This meeting will allow you to talk about your child's IEP and request accommodations or modifications. You can also ask for suggestions from this person, as they should be able to give you some ideas based on what the classroom teacher has told them.

5. Discuss it with your child after the meeting. Once you've met with someone and discussed what kind of accommodations and modifications will help your child, you'll want to sit down and talk with your child about it. Sit down with them and let them know what you've talked about at the meeting, and make sure they understand what accommodations or modifications they need to work towards.

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