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Letter Quest
Find Lowercase Letters

Prerequisite Skill

None Assigned

Materials and Preparation

  • Guided Practice Worksheet: Find Lowercase Letters

  • Independent Practice Worksheet: Find Lowercase Letters

  • ABC order chart

Learning Objectives

Students will identify and locate lowercase letters in the alphabet.

Introduction (5 minutes)

Begin by discussing the importance of recognizing lowercase letters. Show the ABC order chart to the students and explain that today's lesson is about finding and circling lowercase letters.

Explicit Instruction/Teacher modeling (10 minutes)

Present the question: "Find the letter g."
Discuss the key idea that the alphabet follows a specific order, known as ABC order.
Model the solution by circling the letter g on the ABC order chart.

Guided Practice (5 minutes)

Distribute the Guided Practice Worksheet: Find Lowercase Letters.
Instruct students to work in pairs or small groups to circle the lowercase letters as guided by the examples discussed.

Independent Practice (10 minutes)

Distribute the Independent Practice Worksheet: Find Lowercase Letters.
Have students work individually to circle lowercase letters. Monitor and assess for any misconceptions, providing intervention if necessary.



Offer additional one-on-one support for students struggling with letter recognition.
Provide extra practice worksheets for those who need reinforcement.


Challenge students to find and circle uppercase letters as well.
Have students create their own ABC order charts.

Assessment (5 minutes)

Assess student understanding through observations during guided and independent practice, as well as the exit ticket.

Review and closing (5 minutes)

Summarize the importance of recognizing lowercase letters and emphasize how this skill contributes to overall reading development.


Some students may struggle with identifying the correct order of letters in the alphabet. Provide additional examples and practice opportunities.

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