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Sound Explorer
Determine the first, second, and Last Sounds in a Word

Prerequisite Skill

None Assigned

Materials and Preparation

  • Guided Practice Worksheet 

  • Independent Practice Worksheet

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to identify the first, second, and last sounds in a word.
Students will understand the relationship between letters and sounds in words.

Introduction (5 minutes)

Begin by asking students, "What is the first sound you hear in the word 'cat'?" Emphasize the key idea that words are made up of sounds, and these sounds go in order. Explain that when writing, letters are used to represent sounds, and these letters follow the same order as the sounds. When reading, students should sound out letters in a word and then blend the sounds together to say the word. Provide an example: "Listen to the word. The first sound is 'c' in 'cat.'"

Explicit Instruction/Teacher modeling (10 minutes)

Engage students with a question: "What is the first sound in the word 'cat'?" Reiterate the importance of understanding the order of sounds in a word. Model the process by sounding out a few words and demonstrating how to identify the first sound.

Guided Practice (5 minutes)

Distribute the guided practice worksheet: "Determine the first, second, and Last Sounds in a Word." In pairs or small groups, students will circle the first, second, and last sounds in each word on the worksheet.

Independent Practice (10 minutes)

Provide each student with the independent practice worksheet: "Determine the first, second, and Last Sounds in a Word." In this activity, students will match words to corresponding pictures by identifying the first, second, and last sounds in each word.



Offer additional support to students who may need extra assistance in identifying sounds in words.


Provide extension activities for students who grasp the concept quickly, such as creating their own words and identifying sounds.

Assessment (5 minutes)

Assess students based on their completion of the guided and independent practice worksheets, as well as their performance in the exit ticket.

Review and closing (5 minutes)

Summarize the importance of identifying sounds in words and how it helps with both reading and writing.


Be aware that some students may initially be confused about the relationship between sounds and letters. Offer clarification and individual assistance as needed.

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