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Digraph Detectives
Choose Digraphs Correctly

Prerequisite Skill

None Assigned

Materials and Preparation

  • Guided Practice Worksheet 

  • Independent Practice Worksheet

Learning Objectives

Students will identify and differentiate between initial and final digraphs (wh, sh, th, ch) in words.

Introduction (5 minutes)

Learn with an example: Listen to the word I say aloud. Which sound does it start with? Show a picture of a wheel.

Explicit Instruction/Teacher modeling (10 minutes)

When two letters come together to make one sound, they are called a digraph. Some digraphs are wh, sh, th, and ch. Example: Say the word aloud. The sound at the start of the word is spelled with the digraph wh. Example words: cheese, shell, think.

Guided Practice (5 minutes)

Students will use the guided practice worksheet to circle digraphs. Encourage group or pair discussion.

Independent Practice (10 minutes)

Distribute the independent practice worksheet. Students will match words to pictures, reinforcing digraph recognition.



Offer additional support through one-on-one assistance or targeted practice.


Challenge students by introducing more words with digraphs or incorporating them into sentences.

Assessment (5 minutes)

Assess student understanding through participation, completed worksheets, and exit tickets.

Review and closing (5 minutes)

Recap key digraphs and their sounds.


Clarify any confusion about digraph sounds by revisiting examples and providing extra practice.

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