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Capital Quest
Capitalize the First Letter of a Sentence

Prerequisite Skill

None Assigned

Materials and Preparation

  • 3 worksheet set 

  • 3 introduction conversation cards

Learning Objectives

Students will demonstrate the ability to capitalize sentences correctly.

Introduction (5 minutes)

Engage students with an example sentence with a capitalization error. Question: "Complete the sentence with an uppercase letter. _lue whales grow up to 100 feet." Emphasize the key idea: The first word in a sentence starts with an uppercase letter.

Explicit Instruction/Teacher modeling (10 minutes)

Model with examples: "Whales are the largest animals on Earth." Identify uppercase and lowercase letters. Solution: "This letter is lowercase: b, This letter is uppercase: B." Practice: "Blue whales grow up to 100 feet. Rewrite the sentence correctly."

Guided Practice (5 minutes)

Distribute Guided Practice Worksheet: Capitalize Sentences Correctly. Students circle correctly capitalized sentences. Practice in pairs or groups.

Independent Practice (10 minutes)

Distribute Independent Practice Worksheet: Capitalize Sentences Correctly. Students match words to pictures, reinforcing correct capitalization.



Provide additional support through targeted group assistance.


Extend learning with creative writing tasks that incorporate correct sentence capitalization.

Assessment (5 minutes)

Evaluate based on participation, completion of worksheets, and exit ticket responses.

Review and closing (5 minutes)

Summarize the importance of proper sentence capitalization.


Address confusion about when to capitalize the first word in a sentence.

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