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Capitalize Names of Places

Prerequisite Skill

None Assigned

Materials and Preparation

  • Guided Practice Worksheet: Capitalize Names of Places 

  • Independent Practice Worksheet: Capitalize Names of Places

Learning Objectives

Students will correctly capitalize names of places, including cities, states, countries, and geographical features.

Introduction (5 minutes)

Discuss the importance of correctly capitalizing names of places in writing. Emphasize how it enhances clarity and accuracy.

Explicit Instruction/Teacher modeling (10 minutes)

Learn with an example Present a sample sentence: "The thames river flows through the heart of london." Ask students: "Do you see any capitalization errors?" "Correct the capitalization if needed." Discuss key ideas: Capitalize names of cities, states, countries, continents, and geographical features. Do not capitalize common words like "the" or "of" unless they begin a sentence. Provide the solution: "Capitalize Thames River and London."

Guided Practice (5 minutes)

Students work on the guided practice worksheet, "Capitalize Names of Places," in pairs or groups. They circle and correct capitalization errors.

Independent Practice (10 minutes)

Students complete the independent practice worksheet, "Capitalize Names of Places," individually, applying the learned capitalization rules.



Provide additional support as needed, offering one-on-one assistance during independent practice. Use additional examples for clarification.


Challenge advanced students to create their own sentences with capitalization errors for peers to correct.

Assessment (5 minutes)

Evaluate student performance based on guided and independent practice. Use the exit ticket as a formative assessment.

Review and closing (5 minutes)

Summarize key points about capitalizing names of places. Reinforce the importance of accurate capitalization for effective communication in writing.


Address common misconceptions, such as confusion about when to capitalize certain words, with clear examples and practice opportunities.

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